Traditional wood windows

wood windows Traditional wood windowsWood windows provide a home with a look of classic beauty. Wood is warm and inviting, and the natural wood grain offers texture and interest. Traditional wood windows require a trade-off for their attractiveness, however; wood is one of the most maintenance-intensive materials from which windows are made.

Wood clad windows are an excellent compromise for homeowners who desire the warmth and beauty of natural wood without the intensive upkeep it requires. A wood clad window has a frame made from actual wood on the interior, but the exterior is made from or covered with another material that requires little maintenance and provides better resistance to weather and insect infestations. Many wood clad windows feature an exterior made from vinyl or aluminum; both materials are quite easy to maintain.

Wood windows are still preferred by homeowners for whom only solid wood will do, and wood windows provide authenticity when used in historic homes. But the trend toward wood clad window use is growing, since most homeowners realize that the look of wood clad windows is very close to wood windows and the reduced maintenance requirement is an excellent benefit.

Vinyl wood clad windows are a good choice for a homeowner who wants a low-maintenance window and likes the features that vinyl provides, which include an integral color that never needs painting and resistance to warping. In addition, vinyl is a good insulation material, which helps to reduce thermal transfer during temperature extremes and can result in reduced utility bills.

Aluminum-clad windows are another great choice for a wood window look with less upkeep required. Aluminum can be painted in any color to match a home’s exterior, and aluminum requires very little maintenance. In addition, aluminum is very strong and resistant to heat and fire.

The construction of wood clad windows varies by manufacturer; some wood clad windows consist of a solid wood window with metal or vinyl fixed to the exterior window frame to cover the wood. Other wood clad windows are constructed of vinyl, aluminum, or fiberglass and feature a wood veneer attached to the interior frame.

If you are interested in windows that combine the beauty and warmth of wood with the easy care of vinyl or aluminum, then wood clad windows may be the perfect choice for you and your home. Contact us for a free estimate.

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