Crystal Clear Quality Home Improvement


The roots of our organization go back to the early 1980′s in the Bay Area.

A lot of the companies here in the Valley make claims in regards to their “years” in the business…or serving the Valley since, etc. When in fact they have minimal knowledge & experience when it comes to Replacement window technology.

Just because a company has been doing business since the 30′s does not mean they have been doing this type of work since then. In fact, Vinyl Dual Pane Windows have only been available on the west coast since the early 80′s. Even the so called glass companies have minimal experience. The scary fact is all but a very small handful of the companies in our area selling and installing replacement windows have only been doing this type of work for the last 2 – 3 years. We call it jumping on the window band wagon. The truth of the matter is your new windows are ONLY as good as the installation.

Crystal Clears TOP NOTCH craftsman have been installing “Dual Pane Replacement” windows far longer than most of the other companies in the Central Valley. Our lead Craftsman/President had his start in 1984 with the Sears Corporation. Sears was a pioneer in bringing the new Vinyl Window Technology to the homeowner. Through extensive regional training and a lot of “trial & error” we adapted into one of the strongest Sub-Contractors for the Sears Corporation.

After a few years of service to the Sears group, we noticed that a lot of other window companies were starting to spout up in the Bay Area. Soon our demand was high from these other companies wanting our experienced craftsman to install their products. We have installed THOUSANDS & THOUSANDS of Replacement Windows in MANY different applications. All the while mastering our crafts as “True Craftsman” in this industry.

In 1998 we decided that the customer needed more out of their window experience. Far to many were dissatisfied with the sales and marketing practices, as well as numerous service issues. So in a BOLD move we opened our own retail establishment and became Crystal Clear Quality Home Improvement, INC. We have dedicated ourselves to providing our clients with High Performance products and Quality installations and all at an affordable price.